Women’s Pleasure Dungeon – Chapter 19

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“That treasure chest is properly trapped. I think there is something wrong with this room. We need to continue!” The yellow-haired leader finally declared.

It was as Diamond had predicted. Only two days later, the leader finally broke free of the spell. As soon as she realized things were off, she forced the other two to pack up and she dragged them through the door onto the second puzzle room. They followed her with dazed-like looks.

“How long… what…” the violet-haired girl asked as she was dragged out of the room and away from the effective range of the bone.

“This…” The other girl looked around like she had been in a dream. “What happened?”

All three girls had lost significant weight. Their clothing was covered in dirt, their bodies were sticky and smelled of sex, their hair was ruined, and there were deep bags under their eyes. What should have been a few-day journey for them ended up lasting over a month. How did they make it that long? Well, Diamond’s ring helped. She had a ton of extra supplies from being a heroine, and most of them she didn’t need to know that she was undead.

During the period they were knocked out from the forget-me-not potion, we’d sneak in and replace the supplies they had used. Thus, with their food and wood remaining at the same level, it further reinforced their endless cycle. Once their mindless lust took over, they decreased the amount they ate and so we were able to stretch it out for a while.

Unfortunately, it was her supplies running out that had made Diamond so sure of their inevitable escape. As soon as the leader noticed there was no more firewood and the food was almost all gone, she managed to wake up quickly.

“I’ve heard of some B-rank and higher dungeons having sleeping traps.” The yellow-haired leader explained. “Don’t you guys remember the story of the S-rank and the tree? She slept under it for one thousand years?”

“A thousand years!” the violet-haired girl cried out. “We lost a thousand years?”

“Don’t be stupid!” The leader glared at her. “I’m just saying it’s something like that. It only should have been a few days since we still have a bit of food left.”

“We’ve been asleep for a few days?” The blue-haired girl yawned. “No wonder why I’m so tired.”

“And sore…” The other girl touched her abdomen. “My insides feel like I’ve been riding a wild horse hard for weeks.”

“I thought it was just me.” The blue-haired girl nodded. “I feel strangely… sensitive.”

As I listened to their conversation, I couldn’t believe it. They didn’t remember it at all. All of the embarrassing things they had been doing were lost. I suddenly wished I had some way to record it. I asked Diamond about that.

“You mean an experience stone?” She offered. “Those are expensive.”

“Experience? This just records the sights and sounds… like this!” I gestured to the screen the both of us were using.

“Oh, I don’t know of anything other than you that can create an image like this, let alone one of the past. An experience stone records everything a person is experiencing in that moment. It’s often difficult to use it effectively, but if you use it, you feel exactly what the original person felt. It’s a way of sharing experiences with others. Supposedly, there are a few recorded scenes of a man and a woman together, and rich women will pay for the experience of lying with a man. This can also be used for torture, by giving someone the experience of someone being brutally tortured or killed.”

“That’s… horrible.”

“It can also teach you to learn a skill, but directly giving you the lesson.”

“On second thought, that’s cool.”

I could gain the experience of a master blacksmith making a peak item. Such a thing would be invaluable to an apprentice. Well, that was assuming such a recording existed. The big point of it though was that this world didn’t have any recording magic. Given all of the scanners Dungeonco offered, it seemed kind of silly that there was no magic camera. My dreams of recording some of these experiences were dead… yet, wouldn’t it be even better if I could replay the entire experience, including the feel of their bodies and the rush of orgasming inside them? I needed to get my hands on one of those experience stones.

“Okay! We’ll be quick! You push and you pull!” The girls on the screen were doing something that caught my interest.

As soon as I saw what they were trying to do, my expression couldn’t help but turn incredulous. They had used a stick to check for pitfalls, so I knew they had one. Yet, instead of using it to push the key out of the gelatinous cube, they decided to send one girl through it. I admit that this was how I intended them to originally defeat it, but after knowing how they had a guild and such tricks were freely traded, I realized how foolish and amateurish such a trick was. Yet, it was still effective against these girls.

“Hold your breath, running start… go!” The violet-haired girl jumped in while the yellow-haired tried to grab her from the other side and the blue-haired girl tried to push her through.

It only took about thirty seconds, but when the violet-haired girl came out the other side, she was gasping for breath. Her clothing had several holes in it and her armor looked slightly etched. Steam rose from her body almost like she had been cooked a bit long.

“Hmph, amateurs.” Diamond only opened a single eye before closing it again.

“Are you okay?” The leader asked, patting the other girl. “You got the key?”

She nodded. “I feel good. Ah, better actually. I feel refreshed!”

Her body did look cleaner.

“That’s right! I heard the acid works very slowly. If you’re covered in filth, it’ll help you exfoliate dead skin!” The blue-haired girl declared.

“That’s true!” The yellow-haired girl nodded. “I heard the same thing… maybe we should…”

To my surprise, the girls decided to use the gelatinous cube to clean themselves. The girls took turns getting undressed. They’d put in one body part at a time and then pull it out. By the time they were done, their bodies had a nice rosy complexion. I couldn’t help but glance at Diamond.

“Such a thing is useless right after level three slime.” She spoke without opening her eyes. “Only a bunch of whores who abused their bodies for a month would need to clean themselves in such a way.”

I nodded thoughtfully, but it did make me wonder if maybe I should include bathrooms in the dungeon. In truth, they were going in the corner, and it was kind of gross. Diamond didn’t think it mattered and seemed to take adventurers crapping in any corner they wanted for granted. She had never thought of it from a dungeon’s point of view. I made the goblin come pick it up every day and dump it outside to maintain the rouse. He was very quickly becoming the dungeon’s janitor. At least he could handle complex orders better than Sandy and didn’t get caught in traps as easily. Maybe, I should name him.

Either way, the group managed to get passed the second puzzle room and then moved on to the third. I knew this puzzle wouldn’t be able to stop them either. With three of them, they managed to get the key fairly quickly. They also fought to get the shield, but after failing to manage to wrestle it free from the hands, they gave up on it. The shield was now enhanced with durability, so it was a bit better than it was before.

The girls were groped various times by the wall of hands, but I didn’t partake in any of the fun. I was far too concerned about the 5th floor. Despite everything, their group had made it. They opened the doorway and headed down, and I gave the Cyclops orders to knock them out. Why wasn’t I controlling it? Well, I wasn’t exactly combat-capable. Besides, Diamond said it should be smart enough to fight on its own. At 50,000 points, it better be!

“This should be the final level, right? A boss level?” The blue-haired girl asked.

“Finally, we can destroy this dungeon and leave.” The violet-haired girl added.

“What boss though? It better not be another rat king!” The leader continued.



“What’s that?”

I heard a few moments of struggle, but then things went quiet. I had my eyes closed, so I wasn’t watching things transpire. I had been too frightened to look. However, as the quiet lingered, I couldn’t help but open one eye, and then the other.

“What the hell?”

“Rooooaaaaaar!” The cyclops kicked a girl on the floor.

“Oi! Don’t do that!” I raced over and took his body. “They’re defeated?”

“What did you expect?” I heard Diamond’s voice from my core room. “A C-rank boss against F-ranks. Even if it was an F-rank boss, they’d likely lose with a team of three. With a C-rank boss, they were never a threat.”

I looked down at the three unconscious women. Only one of them showed any signs of injury. The blond-haired girl had blood on her forehead. They were still breathing though.

“They’re still alive. Wh-what now?” I asked.

“That’s your choice, isn’t it? You can kill them and earn all of those dungeon points.”

“I can’t kill them!”

“You can kick them out of the dungeon, and lose all the dungeon points.”

“I can’t do that either!”

“I already said I’m leaving it to you.” She huffed. “Make your own decisions. It has nothing to do with me!”

I opened my mouth and then closed it again. I’d only make her madder if I said something. She was right. I had three options. I could kill them, I could let them escape, or I could capture them. If I captured them, it’d be bad if they ever escaped. I could feed them all to Sandy. I’d get the points, and I could always summon their bodies if I ever got lonely. What should I do?

As I was considering things, their fresh smell reached my nose. I cursed myself that I didn’t cut off my senses when I entered the cyclops in a hurry, but their sweet smell cleaned off from the gelatinous cube was already enough to cause a part of me to twitch in desire.

Why get rid of them? Aren’t they already your toys?

My mind quickly darkened with lust and desire. I could manage some food. I could even keep drugging them. They wouldn’t remember any of this! As my dark thoughts overrode my common sense, I began to get ready. First, I opened the story and spent some points. I had a good five thousand, so it was plenty for what I wanted.

I drugged the girls with the forget-me-not potion so they wouldn’t remember. By that point, I had plenty of extra parts and even could make it myself. Once they were out for a while, I got to work. First off, I created a new goblin. I didn’t have the heart to kill the one I was using so far, so I used a fresh one. I entered his body and then played with the girls until I was horny. Then, I had the cyclops kill the goblin by crushing his head. I repeated this process a dozen times. I then proceeded to harvest their bones.

I built three cages out of the bones, mixed with various other materials I could get my hands on. I was in no way a skilled tradesman, but with the cyclops enormous strength, it was rather each ripping things apart. With the goblin’s smaller hands, I could tie knots. I made sure to create several evil bones, which were embedded into each cage.

As I was finishing up, I noticed Diamond watching me. When I glanced her way, she snorted and turned away. Well, I didn’t need her permission. I just wanted the points. Of course, there was something else I wanted as well. I opened the cage just as the leader was starting to wake up from her forget-me-not potion. As her eyes fell on me, she let out a cry, desperately backing away. I could see the fear in her eyes, but it only turned me on more. With the potions, I’d get to enjoy that look many times. This world was magical.

“No, stay back,” she begged.

I smiled, reaching in and grabbing her arms. I dragged her out of the cage and pushed her up against the wall. Her armor was tight against her breasts. Her legs were slim. I pressed my mouth against hers, forcing her lips apart. She tried to turn away, but I was far stronger than her now. She couldn’t resist me. As my tongue explored her mouth, I slid my hand down between her legs, rubbing against her panties.

“Ah!” Her eyes were filled with confusion.

It was clear she thought she was about to die. Instead, she was being handled like a woman. I ignored her and pulled her panties down, sticking a thick finger inside her. I had never had this total control before, not against an unwilling participant. Sandy was completely under my control, so she didn’t resist at all.  This girl was afraid and closed off, but her body betrayed her true desires. She was already dripping wet. It made me want to fuck her right there.

She was panting, moaning. I could feel her trying to squeeze her thighs shut. I could see the denial in her eyes, the realization that her body wanted to be violated. None of these women knew the touch of a man. How could she feel anything else? Her body was craving my touch. It didn’t matter if I was human. She would come to realize that soon enough.

I pulled her away from the wall, pushing her onto the ground. The other two were starting to wake up, and I could hear them moving around in their cages. I will deal with them later. I ripped the leader’s underwear off and spread her legs wide. Then I unzipped my pants, pulling out my hard, massive dick.

When she saw it, she let out an intake of breath. It was a beast. I bet if anyone could take it though, it’d be these three girls. After all, they had been stretching themselves out on that bone for a while. It wasn’t quite as big as mine, but it was made out of hard material. They had each ridden it hard and mercilessly until their pussies were stretched and bruised. My little twelve-inch dick should be able to make it in quite nicely. She didn’t remember any of that though.

“N-no! Stop! It won’t fit!” She cried as she realized I was planning on fucking her with it.

“It’ll fit,” I told her, “You’ll see. Just relax.”

She seemed to be startled by my voice, but for some crazy reason, she seemed to relax. I positioned myself between her legs. I pressed the head of my dick against her pussy. Then I began to press into her. She screamed as she felt the massive invasion. It was so large that it had to hurt, but it also managed to slide in. She felt every inch pressing deeper and deeper into her, and I felt the head of my cock press into the back of her womb. It felt completely different from when I used the goblin’s dick, for her as well.

I could see the look on her face as she felt my huge dick spreading her insides apart. Her mouth hung open. She was gasping and panting. It was too much for her. I leaned forward, my dick sliding even deeper. She moaned, her pussy clamping down around me. It was too late for her. I started fucking her. There was no mercy. She would come, and she would enjoy it.

“Stop! Stop!” she cried, but her voice was hoarse and weak.

I continued thrusting, my hand holding her legs wide. Her pussy was squeezing around me. She was getting tighter and tighter. Her juices were dripping down onto the ground, forming a small pool beneath her. She was enjoying herself. She was being forced to enjoy it. These girls were going to become addicted to my dick.

“Hhaaa…. oh gods… haaah…!” She moaned loudly.

Her body was betraying her. I knew the other party members could hear their boss being raped, but all they could hear were her moans of pleasure. The pleasure was becoming too much. She couldn’t deny it. I continued pounding into her, and her moans got louder. I was starting to get close as well. I was getting lost in the feeling. My hips were a blur, and she was getting tighter and tighter.

Just before she came, I grabbed her throat, and she choked as I tightened my grip. She was struggling to breathe. I leaned down, thrusting harder and faster. She was gasping, and her face was turning red. I kept a tight grip as she was reaching her limit. Her eyes were bulging, and her hands were wrapped around my wrists.

“Ahhh! Ahhh!” she croaked.

She was coming. I was coming. My semen burst out, filling her womb with a hot, sticky mess. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I kept her pinned to the floor as my cum continued spurting into her, filling her. I finally loosened my grip on her neck, and she let out a long gasp. She then collapsed on the ground, a twitching, orgasmic mess.


I began to take turns, banging each girl. After the first, the others seemed to lose any will to resist. They looked at me helplessly as I pulled them out of their cages and used them as cock warmers. Their pussies were all stretched out from riding the bone, but still, they struggled to take my huge cock. Even with how wet and turned on they were, it took effort to get into each of their tight cunts. They had no experience with any of this, so all they could do was moan and scream. It took a while for them to adjust, but eventually, they were cuming, screaming, and squirting everywhere.

“Ahhhh! It’s too much! Oh, gods! Hhaaa!” The leader screamed on round two.

This body of mine was wonderful. I fucked all three girls, and then I was back with the first. This time, I had her on all fours. She was being fucked in her pussy, her knees scraping on the ground. Not only was I not tired, but I had cum three times and I was happy to do a fourth. As long as my perverted mind stayed mentally horny, this body could keep up with me. I did wonder how long the girls would though.

I pulled out after my fourth cuming. The girl was lying on the ground, her pussy leaking semen. She was gasping, barely moving. I wondered if she was going to survive. I squeezed her butt, causing some white stuff to squirt out. I wouldn’t let my fuck toys die so easily.

As I looked over the other two, I decided they could handle one more. I grabbed the violet-haired girl and put her on her knees. She had been the most shameless in camp, even masturbating in full sight of her friends. I dragged her out where the other two girls could see. I wanted them to watch this one.

Just as we got started, I had a warning go off in my mind. I ordered the cyclops to put them away for now and then I returned to my core room. Diamond stood up, looking at me with interest. I ignored her and brought up a screen of the front of the dungeon. Standing in front of it was the person I had been preparing for all of this time. This would be our last encounter.


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