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I just wanted to let you all know that you suck. Your crimes are many. Naggy, demanding, whiny, petulant. Those of you who don’t donate a thing are the most demanding, yet those of you who do donate seem to act like you own me. I am not your multibillion dollar conglomerate that can just meet all you ridiculous demands.

Hell, you don’t demand things from multi-billion dollar conglomerates. Book readers can wait for a Brandon Sanderson novel. They can wait for a GRR Martin Novel. They can wait for Endgame. A whatsawhizzer novel? Wait 2 months? Fuck that! I’m quitting. I just wanted to let you all know that I hate you, and I’ve had enough of your bullshit.

Those of you who speak, speak garbage. Those of you who are silent, seem to want yet don’t ever tell me what you want. Do you know who does that? Do you know who whines without ever telling you what they want? Babies. That’s right, you’re a bunch of babies. Well, it’s time for daddy Whizzer to teach you all a lesson.

It has come to my realization that the world isn’t big enough for the two of us. You have outlived your usefulness, and it is now time that I bring vengeance on you all. Some of you may be confused. Is he quitting writing? Will he write me more chapters? Insert another stupid question I’m too lazy to spend five minutes looking up? More? MORE? MOAR!

There is no more. There is only the end, and the end is now. It is time that you and me finally finish this. Right here, right now, on this website. MSB will be our battleground, and I will leave nothing of it left but death and ash.

Come reader, let us finish this! MUHAHAHAHA…HAHA……HA.

Whizzer, DG


Whizzer Steps Through The Portal, Do You Dare to Join Him? 

The Power of Creation – Chapter 333

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The portal closes behind the strange woman.

“That… that was a misdirection!” A voice comes from behind the beautiful girl.

A guy looks out from behind her. He’s slightly overweight, wears glasses, has brown hair with a hint of blonde, and blue eyes. He’s generally a handsome man, although he has a condescending look on his face that makes you want to punch him in it. He was also the source of the voice just a moment ago.

“You see…” The guy explains. “I spoke those words in the last chapter. That’s why it refers to ‘The Demon God’. I mean, if it was a woman… why wouldn’t I call her Goddess. Although, I did consider giving her a futa dick, just to fuck with you, in the end, I decided to leave things as they are.”

“What are you talking about?” You ask, scratching your head.

“Actually, with the last chapter coming out on a Friday, I was distinctly worried that too many people would realize who I was. Thus, misdirection!” the man points at the beautiful woman. “It’s not my proudest moment, but it served its purpose. I might not even put it in the PDF. Not as essential if you aren’t given time to dwell on it. Hey, at least it worked. Not everyone guessed who I was. Well, the girl no longer has a purpose.”

He flicks his finger, and the impossibly beautiful woman disappears like smoke.

“H-hey!” You reach out towards her.

The guy floating in the air looks amused. “Oh? Did you want to fuck her? Is that all it takes? Hot girl? Fuck her! There is more where she came from. I can make a million, a billion appear just like her.

A million impossibly hot women appear with the wave of his hand. They all disappear just as fast. All of the townspeople and your harem look on in shock. They can barely wrap their mind around this situation.

“Who… are you?” you finally ask.

“Who am I? Who am I?” the man gives you an incredulous look as if you were stupid. “I’m the Demon God, you idiot. How do you not know who I am? Was the summoning of a million bitches not enough proof for your feeble brain?”

The Demon God lands on the ground, a distance away from you. After dusting off his button up shirt and tie and his black slacks, he gives you a smile. You look at him suspiciously, still confused as to why he is talking to you so familiarly.

“Am I supposed to know you?” You ask.

The Demon God raises an eyebrow. “Really? Really… you don’t know who I am?”


“Okay… I’m sure some of you must know me. Come on, guys. I’ve been in this story since the very beginning. We met in the very first chapter. Remember? I brought you to this world. Well, some of you have figured this out, but some of you are just really stupid, so we’re going to have to do this the long way, huh?”

“Shut up, you creep.” Ariel says defensively, crossing her arms in front of her chest and looking at Demon God akwardly.

“Ooo… mouth on this one…” The Demon God’s eyes flash and then he shrugs. “Well, I’m the one who made that mouth, so no surprise here. Come on, reader… you and I started this journey together. Three hundred chapters, side by side. You could call me your best friend!”


“Alright… how about this…” The Demon God sighs, “Who are the gods of this world?”

“Pun… Parthios… Nymph…”

“The translators of MSB, right? So, who the hell am I?”

“… I don’t know…” You say, getting more and more annoyed.

“Jesus… are you really this dumb? And before you guys who have already guessed start getting whiny, let it be known I made this reveal a few chapters ago to a select couple of people, and this was exactly how the conversation played out. So, the answer is yes, most of you are this dumb.”

“Go to hell!”

“Haha… I’ve been there… I was married to Lillian, after all.”

“Hey, fuck you!” Lillian cried out, covering herself with a blanket, still naked from the previous sex.

“So…” The Demon God turns back to you. “For all of the apples, who am I? My name starts with ‘W’, I created everything you see here. I brought you here. You needed to break the 4th wall to even attempt to fight me. Every word is mine. Every post. Every chapter. It’s mine! This world is mine! Tell me… TELL ME WHO I AM!”


The Demon God walks straight up to you, his body shaking as if from extreme agitation. “Say it! What’s my fucking name!”

“Whizzer.” Every girl in the harem says in unison, surprised looks on their faces as they unwillingly speak it.

“You’re god-damned right it is!” I say, a smile growing on my face.








“Self-inserting yourself into a story is lame.”

“You’re one to talk!”

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Dual Cultivation Madness – Chapter 2

The Power of Creation – Chapter 332

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Who are you? Are you a teenager who probably shouldn’t be on this site? Are you an adult who never found a woman you could trust? Are you a husband just looking to relieve some stress? You could be any of these things, or you could be none of them. There are so many of you, that it’s a bit difficult to guess. The important thing is that you are you, and you’re reading a web novel online.

Perhaps www.machineslicedbread.xyz is the url sitting at the top of your browser, or maybe you opted to buy volume 7 of Power of Creation in which this finale occurs and are reading it like that.  Either way, you’re very aware that you’re reading this text in front of you, and the longer you read it, the more your brow starts to furrow. Some of you hate 4th wall breaks, so naturally, being reminded you’re reading a story just kills all the pleasure you get from reading that story.

Now, Power of Creation has been filled with 4th wall breaks before, and many people were complaining when they became more and more frequent, but this chapter seems to really take the cake. After all, you’re a reader reading some ero novel on the internet, and this story seems to be making sure to remind you of that fact. Even if you like 4th wall breaks, you might find this chapter a little annoying, just a little infuriating. After all, it’s not what you expected at all.

You are just enjoying this daily-released ero story, and here reality has come to just smack you back down. You are reading about a powerful god-like guy enjoying all of the pussy, having sex and taking shit from no one. Maybe, he didn’t do what you would have done in every situation, but you enjoyed the ride nonetheless, at least I hope you did if you made it this far in the story. Whatever the case, what you’re reading now all feels wrong.

This whole story seems to break down as you sit there in front of your electronic screen. The writing seems to be going nowhere. The plot isn’t continuing. Is this how he plans to end this? Seriously? Fuck this shit, I’m going to just go read PLIC. Perhaps your mind went in this direction. Perhaps it went in another.

“Hero? What’s wrong?” Ariel asks.

You read those words. You know there is no Ariel. You know there is no Riun. You aren’t standing in front of a castle. You’re not butt-naked in front of a crowd of people. There aren’t thirty some buxom women who are attracted to you. They aren’t looking at your worriedly as you stare vacantly with a furrowed brow. None of that is real. It’s all just a story, a fiction written to help you jack off or possibly just to past the time because you’re bored.

“It’s happened…” a voice breaks out unsteadily from the harem of girls.

Of course, there isn’t a harem of girls. You’re just looking at those words. However, you look over anyway, even though you know you’re not really looking over. Perhaps, for simplicity’s sake, we will stop saying what you know isn’t there, and you can just continue to read the story. The voice that this narration previously mentioned that broke out from your harem was none other than Megara. You know this, because the narration just told you this.

“What do you mean, Megara?” asks Aurora. “His vacant and lost expression, it is really worrying me.”

Everyone split, revealing Megara there. She had a sad smile on her face as she walked forward. The rest of the harem walked up too, gathering around the bed. Even Lillian seems a little perturbed by your sudden change in behavior.

“It’s… what I feared would happen from the beginning. He’s… being made to see the truth.” Megara explains

“The truth?” Snow White asks. “What truth…”

Megara sighs. “The truth of the universe… of where we all came from… of the world beyond.”

“What does that mean?” Aurora demands. “How do we get him back?”

“We don’t…” Megara sighs. “I had seen all of this. Because of my closeness with the apostle of the Demon God, I got a glimpse of the truth. That’s why I dreaded this day all the way until now. I dreaded the moment since I first fell for him. Now that he’s been shown the truth… he’ll never love us back… not the way we love him.”

“What?” Mulan frowns. “Master would never turn on me, right master? Right?”

Mulan runs up and looks up to you, tears forming in her eyes. At least, you certainly read that sentence. As far as what you could do about that? Not much? In a cruel way, it’s completely true. You don’t love these women. How could you? The second the story ends, they won’t say or do another original thing. You might have a fondness for them. You’ve certainly been on a journey, picked your favorites… but how could you truly love them?

What? Some of you are still confused? You haven’t put two and two together. Well, for those of you still struggling, you reached into that avatar called an MC, and you echoed the words banging around in your head.

“What is going on?” You ask out loud.

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

Before the girls can answer you, a clapping sound fills the courtyard. Each of the girls look up into the sky, their faces turning white. Your vision follows, and what you see is a beautiful woman. Not just beautiful, the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your entire life. She makes your mouth go dry. Any attempt to describe her actual appearance would be an injustice, as she’s simply that amazing. She looks down at you and snorts.

“Congratulations… you have cast the barrier breaking magic just in time. You’ve gone and broken the forth wall.” The Demon God says.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 331

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The pit of sex in the middle of the courtyard in front of your castle burst into a massive light! Lillian’s naked and exhausted form erupts with a powerful magic that shoots out in waves. Those waves begin to coalesce in the darkening sky, creating an effect of colors glowing against the dark red backdrop, like an Aurora Borealis. It’s almost like her magic is standing in stark contrast to the coming of the Demon God. The power grows and grows, swirling up in the sky until it practically becomes a cyclone of power.

“Amazing!” Ariel gasps.

The harem can only stare in awe as this seemingly defiant magic seems to build within the world, seemingly being created from nothing. Of course, you’re still focused on fucking Lillian, your hard dick sliding in and out of her ruined pussy with reckless abandon, even as the entire bed flashes in a strange light. The Demon lord women all pull away from the pair of you, looking up at the sky in reverence. They fall to their knees one by one, bowing to the cyclone magic.

After all, these women were literally created for this event. The summoning of the magic is why their very beings were brought into this world by their mother, so seeing it come about brings each of them into a strange state of worship. A moment later, each of the seven girls disappears, her energy entering her mother once again. You don’t feel afraid that they were being taken away. Somewhere, in the back of your mind, you know you can summon the girls at any point. However, to finish unlocking this special magic, their power has to be used. So, you allow them to recombine with their mother.

Thus, seven balls of energy once again enter the Demon Queen. Each one brings a spike of power and a slight twitch of her pussy that is satisfying to your cock. As you fuck her, you realize you’re fucking all eight women at once. They all now feel what the Demon Queen feels. They are eight women, and they are one woman at the same time. The magical cyclone grows more and more, meanwhile, you reach your second climax of the day.

“I’m cumming!” You declare.

“Yes… inside!” Lillian moans, but her voice is overlapped with the voices of seven other women.

You creampie not just Lillian, but all her daughters at once, and the feeling of your hot spunk bursting into her womb is enough that she simultaneously is driven to cum. You feel the constrictive power of eight women climaxing at once, hearing 8 distinct voice moaning as you have the strangest 9-some ever conceived. As soon as the last spurt of cum is delivered deep inside their womb, there is a moment of seeming silence. It is like a calm before the storm.

A moment later, the cyclone shoots down and collides with your chest. Like that, knowledge and energy flies into you at a phenomenal rate. The massive energy storm that was seemingly defying the heavens flies directly into your body. It only takes a few moments, and then every remaining ounce of energy has gone, disappearing into your chest. Your eyes shine as you look up.

“H-how is it?” Aurora asks nervously. “The barrier-breaking magic….”

“It feels…” You look down at your hands, feeling the energy inside you. “Like nothing…”

The harem all collapse, as does most of the townsfolk. Nothing? After all of that, the barrier-breaking magic is nothing?

Lillian rolls her eyes, speaking in only her normal voice this time, even though the daughters haven’t reappeared. “You haven’t cast it yet!”

“Oh…” You blush.

At that moment, a portal explodes, forming in the sky. It wasn’t as large as the portal that you once had a fling with. This one was much more mundane, but at the same time, considerably more intimidating! The power emanating from it had a dark and menacing feel, as if whatever was on the other side was deadly dangerous!

“Quick!” Lillian points at it. “The Demon God is descending! Cast the magic! Cast it now!”

You immediately lift your hand, summoning the new knowledge within your body using your magic. It was a complex process, but given your body now, there was no difficulty assimilating this new magic. When you came to this world, you gained the power of creation. It was a magic that allowed you to create other magic. Up to this point, it has been responsible for everything you have accomplished. However, it seemed to have one limitation. It was bound by the limitations of this world. Now that you’ve gained this new magic, you understand that.

This is why you couldn’t fight the Demon God before. You are only as strong as this world would theoretically allow you to be. However, the Demon God doesn’t come from this world and thus is not bound by these laws. When you came to this world, you had found your first limitation was with your body. You needed a body that could handle more than what your measly human body could. Now, you’re finding the second shackle, and that is the world. You can only be as powerful as the world allows you to be!

Therefore, you need magic that isn’t bound in this world to fight a Demon God that came from beyond it. That is the barrier you need to break. It is the barrier that keeps you bound to this universe, that forces you to comply with this universe’s limitations. By gaining the magic, you become aware of this wall that binds you. If our world could be said to have three dimensions, this would be a forth! You begin to push against that wall.

Using all the magic in your body, the power of creation as well as the barrier magic, you bombard that wall. As you do this, the portal above you starts to push out, as if somebody is forcing their way through. The Demon God is trying to force their way into your world, while you are simultaneously trying to force your way out! It is a race to see who would win!

With a desperate shove, you throw everything you have at the wall, and then it gives way. The wall begins to crumble, and your eyes start to open.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 330

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“No… don’t put that thing in me!” Lillian cries out, struggling against the hold of her seven daughters.

However, they are relentlessly determined to have their mother experience the same torment that they have had to experience, so they wouldn’t hesitate to hold her and spread her open for you. Getting on top of the foxy woman, you slid your dick right into her.

“Gafuuu!” Lillian cries out as her pussy is split open wide by your massive dick, currently on the larger scale.

Of course, Lillian needs a big dick, since it’s only a dick this big that will truly get her to understand your power. Naturally, you don’t pull of any stops with her, using your magic, you prep her accordingly, making her nipples, pussy, and anus more sensitive.

“Y-you think by making my pussy more sensitive… you expect me to submit!” Lillian cries out defiantly.

“No, I expect you to cum!” You cry out.


As you plow away at Lillian’s pipes, the other girls flock around you as well. Those that aren’t holding her arms down begin to rub against your body. Maleficent in particular seems to really like rubbing her now decent sized boobs up and down your arm. Meanwhile, Medusa lovingly sucks on your neck. The naughty Tremaine doesn’t hesitate to spread your cheeks and eat your asshole. Each girl has her hands all over you or their mother.

The girl’s holding her arms, Ursula and Cruella, start playing with Lillian’s nipples for you. Meanwhile, your hands find Medusa and Grimhilde’s cunts and start to finger the two sexy vixens. You continue to thrust into Lillian, filling her pussy with your massive pole, while Grimhilde fingers her clit, driving her own mother crazy with her mischievous fingers. Gothel is sucking on your nipples, her hands groping your ass lewdly. Suffice it to say, it’s a mess pit of sex, and seven identical sisters are the cause of it!

Pushing through the flesh all around you, you get a hold of Lillian’s hips and pick her up, forcing her back to arch for you. With a better grip on her, you start to enjoy her pussy even more aggressively. While your side women kiss your body and each other, rubbing their naked skin against you, you pound their mother with all of your might.

“Ahn! Ahn!” Lillian cries out as she’s driven into another orgasm.

Her daughters won’t allow their mother to relax for even a moment. While you take her pussy like a sex toy, pumping away with your massive dick, they pinch and lick her body almost as much as your own. With 14 hands, both of you are smothered with extra attention. One girl is fingering her butt while another girl rubs her clit and a third pulls on her nipples. Under this massive degree of attention, Lillian is completely helpless and has no choice but to succumb under the constant, violent, attacks of your cock.

Your abuse goes on and on. As you go, the girls rotate, taking turns. One girl might kiss your neck for a bit while fingering her own mom, only to later sit on her mom’s face, forcing Lillian’ to eat her own daughter’s pussy. The girls start to take turns riding Lillian’s face. She’s introduced to seven different pussies. However, since they’re all identical to her, would it be like her being forced to eat her own pussy seven times?

As for the number of orgasms that Lillian experiences, she quickly starts to lose count. One woman after another entice and tease her body, which driven to extreme sensitivity, is no longer able to endure. The bed grows drenched in Lillian’s lust, and even many of the girls watching on the outskirts become too aroused and start to fuck their husbands and boyfriends. Your harem are getting worked up as well watching their man enjoy 8 women at once, and desperately want to jump in, but are too afraid of interrupting whatever ceremony you started.

Your dick finds its way into Lillian’s ass as well, and you start pounding her, but she’s already completely lost to lust, and only found her gaping butt, made sensitive by your magic, to be even more arousing. Naturally, her pussy is opened up to the attack of her daughters, who two at a time lick and bite her pussy while you satisfy your dick on her ass. Lillian shivers and moans and cums over and over again, unable to control her body as she’s turned into your slut.

Her mind weakens more and more, and after nearly four hours and having lost enough cum to fill a bathtub, Lillian has already completely lost it. Her gave is covered in pussy juice from her daughters, tears, and snot. Her eyes are disorientated and her tongue is sticking out. All she can think about it the sheer pleasure that comes with the next orgasm.

“More… more…” She moans incoherently, feeling your dick pounding her poor broken butthole evem as she cums like a fountain.

At some point during this sexual encounter, the sky starts to darken. There is a lightning bolt.

Lillian’s lucidity returns for a bit as she looks up in surprise. “Shit! He’s coming… and so am I!”

Lillian’s body spasms as she has another orgasm, squirting hot cum into her daughter’s faces, who lap it up happily.

“The Demon God?” You ask, pulling back Lillian’s hair and biting her neck while still pounding her ass.

“Y-yes… ahhhhn…. I have to… have too…”

“What? You want to leave? How would I let you leave?” you demand. “The shows about to start.

“N-no…” She said tearfully, but the rhythmic thrust into her sensitive butthole has turned her mind to mush and made her unable to articulate properly.

“Mm? Then was does Lillian have to do?” You ask teasingly, grabbing her tits roughly and forcing your dick deep into her ass.

As you do this, you finally release your cum into her.

“Nyaaaahhhhn… It’s going inside my ass… it’s so warm!” The Demon Queen cries as she squirts some more.

“Lillian?” You ask, pulling her nipples roughly.

“Y-you win!” Lillian finally cries out. “The magic is yours!”

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