The Power of Creation – Chapter 329

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“Alright, so the spade tail is Grimhilde over there licking up cum.”

“Mmm…” She mutters as she licks herself and her identical twins.

“The diamond tail is Maleficent, who suddenly seems excited at having an adult body.”

“H-hey! I’m not happy I have these giant fatty things!” Maleficent defends, even while playing with them happily.

“The snake tail girl who looks like she want to pounce me is Medusa…”

“Beloved… let’s try out this new body…try not to break it on your first run.”

“The bunny tail is Gothel.”

“Snort! Huh?”

“Fox tail would belong to Lillian.”


“I’m not familiar with the other tails though. Have the other demon lords been holding out on me?”

The one with the demon tail with hair on the end throws back her hair. “It’s not like while I’m pretending to look like others, a tail would do me any good. I haven’t had a tail in forever!”

“Cruella then?”

The girl with the demon tail holding an arrow chuckles. “It’s so sensitive, it always gives Flynn the advantage in bed.”

“Wifey! You’re back. I’ve been waiting for you and haven’t touched myself since you started this denial play!”

“Ah… husband… I forgot you existed.”

“Hah… hah… so cruel…” Flynn gives her an aroused look.

“Okay, that’s Tremaine then.”

“That means, the horse tail is… Ursula…”

“S-so embarrassing…” Ursula tries to hide her tail. “Don’t look, prince.”

“Ursula is ashamed of her tail. She’s attempted to hide it ever since.” Medusa explains, laughing at Ursula’s attempt to cover herself.

“Of the seven daughters, four of them were demons. Only three of us have animal tails, and mine had to be a horse! Why would you even screw an equestrian demon!”

“What can I say… your father was hung like…” Suddenly, Lillian blushes and nods to you.

“Hey!” You stamp your foot. “No talking about past lovers. Nor that you’re in my harem, you have to abide by my penis- ahem… my rules.”

“Aren’t his rules set by his penis?” Mulan asks.

“Shh…” Mushu bonks her on the head.

Lillian bursts out laughing. “While I admit, our time together was fulfilling in a way the Demon God could never managed, I’ve been with many men over the last few thousand years. At best, you’ve scratched a sixteen-year-old itch. As for having won me over, you’re a thousand years too young!”

All of the Demon Lords and Harem gasp, having thought that this whole ordeal was finally behind them. However, it seems like the Demon Queen isn’t so simple.

“Is that so?” You ask darkly.

Lillian nods with an equally dark smirk. “Now that you have removed my daughters from me, I’m no longer under their influence. They can no longer hold me down. Besides a single good fuck, you’re nothing to me, and unlike my daughters who are willing to throw their heart away to a man who pounds them for a few hours, I’m hardly so easy.”

“M-mom…” The girls all mutter, clearly displeased at their mother’s rough criticism.

“So, what are you planning?” You ask.

Lillian shrugs. “Your planet is doomed either way.”

“You won’t give us the barrier breaking magic?”

Lillian chuckles wryly. “The barrier breaking magic was never mine to give. It will naturally be given to the man who wins the Demon Queen. I’ve set my conditions, and you failed. Nothing has changed. I will still leave this planet, but I will have to leave my girls behind. Now, they will die with you. I will be weakened significantly. This is all you have accomplished.”

“Hmmm…” You consider tapping your fingers. “In that case, I want a redo!”

“What?” Lillian backs up a bit.

“You see… I detected a flaw in your little talk there.” You explain.

“Wh-what flaw?” Lillian demands.

“Simple… You said that your daughters were no longer capable of holding you down.” Your eyes turn dark and you a grin forms on your face. “I respectfully disagree.”

You snap your fingers, and a moment later, the daughters all start crawling towards their mother.

“Wh-what are you guys doing?” Lillian cries out.

“Get her!” Grimhilde shouts.

“Let’s make her experience what we experienced!” Maleficent adds.

“How dare you girls grab me!” Lillian cries as seven identical demon women grab and hold her down. “I’m your mother!”

“It’s fine, mother… we think you’re just looking down on your daughters a bit too much.” Medusa sniffs while holding one of her legs.

“We just want you to experience the same torment we were put through!” snorts Cruella.

Lillian’s eyes finally snap to you. You’re naked, and your dick seems to have grown to twice its original size. Slowly, you move towards the foot of the bed, your eyes narrowing on her naked body.

“Wh-what kind of blasphemy is this!” Lillian screeches.

“Hey, mommy,” You say, slapping your dick on the bed. “Say hello to daddy!”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 328

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“No… why am I doing this?” Lillian cries out as you bang her from behind.

Her fox tail swishes back and forth in sexual nirvana while her fox ears twitch. Lillian is a foxgirl. She was always a foxgirl. No one ever said she was a wolfgirl. Foxgirls are what is in right now. They’re all the rage. She’s also a three-tailed fox, unless you like seven tails, then she has seven, unless you only like one. Fuck it, she has as many tails as she damn well pleases and it’s the exact amount of tails you like, including an absence of tails. And since half of you are going to want a red-tail fox and the other half grey, or orange, or white… or whatever the fuck… it also changes color to whatever color you want and that’s the color it is.

There, are you happy? Please say your happy. Fuck it, I don’t give a shit. Some of you are going to be like, ‘I preferred the wolfgirl’. Fuck you guys. She’s a wolfgirl again. Anyway, I digress…

“Hehehe, I see my little foxgirl really likes the dick after all!” You tease as your ravage her body in front of the entire city of Riun.

“N-noo…” She cries out.

You squish your dick wetly into her crotch. “Then why are you so aroused? Doesn’t that mean you like it?”

“St-stop… I can’t believe how good this feels, I’m growing crazy!”

You continue to plow Lillian from behind, enjoy her soft and unique body to its fullest. Of course, she can’t help but let you have your way with her because she’s compelled by all seven of the demon lords that inhabit her body. As she tastes the cock she craves seven times over, naturally she quickly succumbs to her naughty lust. Although her mind doesn’t understand it, as she didn’t take on their memories, her body has lost all control.

“Naaaahn… Ah… please…” She moans.

“Eh? Didn’t you sleep with seven guys to make all those demon lord babies anyway?”

“They needed… a father… to watch after them while they grew up.” Lillian explained while moaning under the feeling of your relentless cock.

“That still means you’re a little skank whose popped out seven babies. Maybe I should make you pop out another.”

“N-no… you can’t… don’t make me pregnant!” Lillian cries. “I haven’t had sex since Grimhilde exactly because it can’t happen again!”

“Eh? What’s that stupidity? How about I just fill your womb with my seed? What happens next we’ll just leave up to fate!”

“You… you… don’t understand! I’m a unique existence. I can’t make a baby normally… I have to chop up my soul. Each time I created a demon lord, I used a piece of my soul. It cannot afford to be chipped away anymore. I’ll need time to repair my injured soul, that’s why I reabsorbed the girls.”

“Oh, Hoh? So what you’re saying is that you still have seven unhealed pieces of soul?”

“WH-what?” What are you doing?” Lillian cries as you spin her around and start plowing her on the bed you had placed in the center of the magic circle.

“Don’t worry! I’m just using a little creation magic! So, how about you take my seed!”

“N-no! I can’t… please…”

“Hahaha… too late I’m cumming!”

“Nyaaa! It’s entering me! Your cum is going into my womb! You’ll destroy me this way.”

“I’m giving you my life force, so accept it kindly.”

Lillian tears up. “I know what you’re trying to do, but you don’t possibly have enough lifeforce. This won’t work!”

Your eyes flash darkly. “Who says I don’t have enough! You’re underestimating me! I can summon all the life force I want!”

You begin to cum again, just as you finished cumming, and then again, and then again.

“Nyaaa… it’s all inside me. There is so much! It’s too much! I’m going to burst!” Lillian cries.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it, take it all. Take all my seed and give me babies!”

“Yo-you bastard! Ahhhnnn… I’m cumming!”

“Isn’t your pussy milking my cock now? You want it just as much as I do!”

“N-no- it’s too much! I can’t take anymore! I’m going to explode!”

“Hahahaha!” You inject her with more and more cum, filling her until her stomach grows as large as if she was pregnant.

“Nyah…. It’s too much! You… you’re splitting me apart!”

“Who says I’m done yet, even more!” You cum in her and keep cumming.

A massive light spreads out, forcing the citizen and harem who were looking on in shock to turn away and shut their eyes. Only Giselle, whose ‘mother’ was exploded with lifeforce could possibly even contemplate what was going on now. In fact, the act you were taking wasn’t much different than that. You were taking all of the lifeforce spilled as your time as an internet commenters. Knowing you, it was quite a lot. Now, you’re pumping that lifeforce into Lillian.

“Nahhhhh…. I’m… I’m… exploding!” Lillian screams.

The light explodes and magic erupts across the square. Those with some magic ability keep it from harming anyway. When the light fads and people rub the dark spots out of their eyes, they can only look on in complete and utter shock. The bed now contains eight naked women, all covered in cum. Each woman is identical to each other. They all look exactly like Lillian. However, there is two distinct difference, their tails and their heads.

A devil tail in the shape of a spade, a devil tail in the shape of a diamond, a snake tail, a bunny tail, a pony tail, a demon tail with hair at the end, a demon tail with an arrow, and a foxtail. Naturally, their heads had horns and or ears matching said tails.

The Lillian with the spade tail starts licking herself excitedly, eating all the cum with vigor. The way she does it instantly brings some familiarity to you.

“Grimhilde?” You ask in wonder.

The girl looks up. “Eh? My love?”

The other girls start to look over at you, and their eyes brighten.






“Snort! Huh? Oh, Boyfriend.”

Seven demon lord sisters were now seven demon lord septuplets…

“You bastard…” the foxtailed one looks up.

And mommy makes eight!

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 327

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“Why are you still here?” you demand.

Lillian snorts. “Hmph… I can go wherever I please. Why can’t I be here?”

“Isn’t the Demon God coming shortly?” Aurora cuts in. “Shouldn’t you need to leave soon?”

Lillian shrugs. “I’ll leave before the Demon God gets here. However, seeing now that you plan to forcefully summon me back, it seems like it was a good decision to remain behind.”

“You can’t leave, huh?” You chuckle.

Lillian’s face turns flushed. “You… I can leave whenever I want! I’ve only stayed behind because I was curious to see what you would do on your last day. Frankly, I figured you’d be engaged in one last giant orgy with your harem before the end. To see you wasting time trying to call me back. How futile.”

You frown, scratching your chin as Lillian looks over at you snobbishly. You don’t detect any lies in what she said. She seemingly is speaking the truth. It seems to you like there really is nothing keeping Lillian in this world. However, Lillian is here nonetheless. You could only really come up with two reasons she would be here. Either she couldn’t leave, or…

Your eyes widen as a bit of realization pops into your mind. Lillian is looking around at the giant magic circle and the giant sacrifice, and she seems almost pleased. A small part of her seems to be happy she’s there in front of you right now. When she said she expects you to be screwing all the girls in an orgy, she had said that with a bit of displeasure. However, the choice you made was not to indulge but to fight to get your demon lords back. In fact, even the way she spoke sounded somewhat like a certain cumguzzling demon lord.

“Grimhilde?” You scratch your cheek.

Lillian frowns, taking a step back. “Your girls were just magical clones created from me. Once they reunited with me, their individual personalities ceased to exist. They and I are one. I’m sorry, there is no such thing as a Grimhilde.”

“If Grimhilde became a part of you, it’s that the same thing as saying you’re Grimhilde?” I ask, the dots starting to connect.

Lillian snorted. “It’s not like I acquired their memories or anything. I simply reabsorbed their essence back into me.”

You smile darkly. “An essence… that I had conquered.”

Lillian narrowed her eyes. “You’re still on about that? If you’re going to keep rehashing only stuff, I’m just going to leave now.”

“And yet, you’re here…” The more you spoke, the more certain you became. “Because, you absorbed the essence of seven different women, and every single one of them was into me!”

Lillian threw her hair back. “You certainly have some imagination! I am the Demon Queen! How could I ever be into you!”

“Isn’t it obvious?” You smirk. “You split yourself into seven other women, and every single one of them was made to bow to my cock. When you absorbed them back into you, you didn’t just get their energy. You got their feelings, the desires, and their obsessions. You want my cum from Grimhilde. You find me attractive as Ursula did. You want to mate for life like Medusa. You’re envious of other girls getting more attention like Maleficent. I’ve touched every single one of those girls, which means I’ve had a chance to touch you seven times!”

Lillian’s face flushes red and she looks away. “Th-that can’t be it… no… you’re a sinfall man. You were supposed to defeat my daughters, not make them love you!”

“But they did! They may have been incomplete women, but what woman doesn’t feel incomplete? That’s why I’m here. To fill them up! To give them that thing they need. To make them feel like women! So, is it really so odd they all fell for me?” As you spoke, you walk closer and closer to Lillian, who seems unable to deny your words.

“You… st-stop… what are you doing to me?” She says tearfully, staring in disbelief.

“Hmmm… I’m giving you what you really want!”

You pull out your dick, which bounces in front of her like a vicious serpent. Her eyes widen and she gasps, covering her mouth. She personally has never seen your dick, even if parts of her body grew strangely delighted, craving the thing that had previously brought them down. The essence of seven women blasts Lillian’s brain until she can only lick her lips in temptation.

“It’s way bigger than the Demon God…” She whispers, and then falls to her knees, one more woman falling to the power of your manmeat.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 326

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A massive magical circle is drawn out around the main square of Riun, right in front of your house.

“What is he doing?” Florian asks, surrounded by three ladies he had rescued during the demi-human project.

One was a catgirl, one was a doggirl, and one was a foxgirl. The foxgirl was a fiery redhead with a tsundere personally and medium sized breasts. The catgirl was a loli girl with small breasts and a little sister stubborn personality. The doggirl is a big sister with big boobs and droopy eyes. All of them cling to various parts of Florian.

“It’s so much easier…” You sigh, admiring how he only has three women of so many variations.

As for you, you have 30 some women, of all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s a complete mess! Worst of all, you lost seven of them and are now creating the magic circle to summon them back!

“Very well, that should do it.” You sigh, snapping the book shot and tossing it to the side.

“Now, all I have to do is sacrifice a virgin!” You declare. “That will cast the spell that will summon the Demon Queen here. I guess since she left to another plain of existence, these sorts of spells take a little more oomph.”

Everyone starts whispering to each other after your declaration. You go to the middle of the circle and then magically create a bed.

“Alright, any volunteers?” You look at the crowds of Riun citizens.

Naturally, no one in your harem kept their virginity intact and when it comes to your armies, they might be even worse! Fortunately, you are incredibly famous in Riun. You are their hero, their king, and their lord. You have spread modern technology and wiped away disease and famine. All of the women of Riun have incredibly hot and desirable bodies and insatiable sexual appetites. This has kept both the women and men of Riun extremely pleased. This also built up an insane amount of loyalty among the populace.

Suffice it to say, many women have fought their carnal desires to maintain their innocence in the hopes of being broken by you. While some had it in their hearts that they wanted to become part of your harem and live a plush and depraved life in the castle, others simply saw it as good luck to be broken open by the King. If they became pregnant, it’d be even better! Their families would be taken care of for life!

So, when you ask, there are no shortage of women jumping forward to be deflowered. Some are backed by their families eagerly trying to advertise their daughters and sisters with cheering and even signs, while others try bribery, wrapping their daughters up in money or expensive jewelry. Although, there was one girl who was wearing nothing but wrapping paper and a bow. Naturally, these are mostly women from Riun, so they are immaculate, youthful beauties, all of them.

Although the population of Riun has increased by ten-fold, there is a spell over the city that maintains the beauty of the women there. Any woman who moves to Riun will grow more youthful and attractive the longer she lives there. Within a month, even an old crone would become a knockout hotty. This is one of the many reasons the population climbed so quickly in such a short time.

You walk down the line, looking at each of these women and wondering if the comments section is going to demand you add the next girl into the harem as well. It seems like any girl you stick your dick in has to join the harem. Costing money to get each image, this harem is already oversized.  To put it into perspective, at the current harem size, it’ll cost over $600 to have every girl drawn in a single clothed chest-up portrait. You’re not looking to increase them any more at this point.

While this weird thought is going through your head, you start walking past the women, removing one at a time.

“Too skinny. Too normal.” You walk by a particularly sultry looking woman. “You, a virgin? Nice try!”

The woman sticks out her tongue and giggles running off. None of the girls take offense to your rejections. After all, they know what it takes to be a harem member. You gave them their beauty, yet most of the women in your harem are queens, princesses, and extraordinary individuals. While they put their lots in, it’s more akin to winning the lottery for them.

“You’re a child…” You walk past a loli. “You’re actually a baby. You’re pregnant!”

“I got caught in one of your spermfalls, I never had sex.” The girl blushes.

“Ah… congratulations on having my baby!” You wink at her, but still move on.

“Master…” Mulan says, looking through the book you discarded. “When it says… sacrifice a virgin, I don’t think it means to have sex with them.”

“What?” You turn back, frowning, “What other meaning could there be?”

“Well, sacrifice… doesn’t that usually mean…” She using her finger and glides it across her throat.

There is immediate murmuring behind you.

“Oh… in that case… are there any male virgins!?” The female virgins all retreat no longer interested in being sacrificed and the poor guys who haven’t managed to seal the deal start getting pushed to the front.

“Hey, what’s going on here?” A woman who looks like she just arrived asks Aurora.

Aurora glances over at the newcomer, and then her mouth falls open. “Demon Queen!?”

Hearing her words, you ignore the frantic virgin men and turn to see Lillian just standing there, looking curious.

“You’ve been here all along!” You gasp.

Many of the Riun residents, particularly those that were in threat of being sacrificed, felt that deep down you probably should have checked to make sure she left this dimension before drawing a magic circle across the entire common ground and looking for a sacrifice, but they’ll never voice those complaints out loud.

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 325

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You suppose it is now time to resolve this whole issue with the Demon Queen. You want to be at peak performance before summoning the Demon Queen and finally conquering her. Thus, you decide to do it in the morning. The Demon God always breaks into reality and destroys all things in the afternoon, this is a known fact, so you have plenty of time to sort things out.

You, of course, don’t know the form the Demon God will take… unless this is like Ghostbusters or something and you can pick the form of the Demon God. In which case, it’ll be a pussy, and then you can fuck it to your heart’s content. Although, remembering the movie, you suddenly wonder if an 80-foot-tall gaping vagina is going to come sweeping through Riun, gobbling up everything in sight. Well, either way, that was tomorrow’s problem.

With the Demon ladies gone, you have gained power over all the demon armies. You sent the human realm and King Eric a letter, and he also provided everyone available. Considering all of reality was at risk, he didn’t hold any back. You’ve also gathered all of the demihumans as well. The human army, the goblin army, the dragon army, the dark elf army, the demihuman army, the seven demon armies, the harpy army, the sex doll army… they all stand ready at the spot the Demon God plans to come into your world.

That spot is, after all, on the edge of Riun, conveniently right in front of your castle. That wasn’t coincidence, you had picked to put your castle there because that was the spot. It was also the same spot where a skyhole had formed which you had jammed your dick into not too long ago. Basically, this Demon God was going to have to come through the hole in reality you tore open with your penis.

If the person who came out was a woman, you’d take care of her with ease. If the person who came out was a man, you’d wipe him off the face of existence. You learned after Tremaine that genders weren’t so important with these demons, so who knew the Demon Queen’s tastes. As for what Tremaine’s lover thought to her being taken away, she naturally considered it some naughty denial play was fervently masturbating until she returned. As for you, you understand Tremaine is not coming back unless you make her, along with the six others.

Sitting on a throne that looks kind of like a recliner, you think back to everything that has happened since you came to this world. You’ve found dozens of beautiful women who take your bed. You’ve had numerous children. You’ve defeated seven demon lords. You’ve also had a lot of great sex. Overall, after spending almost half a year in this world, you’re not ready to leave it. This Demon God, they’re going down.

You are basically the supreme ruler of this world now, having dominated all three realms. What kind of bastard did this Demon God think they were to come and take it from you? You did have some concern about the barrier magic. If you couldn’t obtain it, they suggested the battle would be over before it started. However, you had some ideas on that.

Essentially, you had made every preparation you could. Now you just needed to get some rest before the battle begins. First, you conquer the Demon Queen, then you crush the Demon God! You had back to your room long after the sun set. The castle is a bit chilly and the place is a bit quiet. Thirty beautiful women live in your castle, but you don’t see a single one of them. Perhaps they all went to sleep?

When you open the door to your room, you can’t help but smile. On your massively oversized bed, you see your entire harem there. They must have had trouble sleeping, so all thirty women had made their way to your bed. Some of them were in pajamas, some of them wore nighties or just their underwear,  some were completely naked, but they were all snuggled up on your bed. They must have fallen asleep waiting for you.

Taking off your clothing, you position yourself in the middle of the group. Whether the women were only pretending to sleep, or were driven by some unconscious force, they all started to crowd around you, pressing their warm bodies against you. Even if it was just a finger, every girl wanted skinship, and your body was completely covered with women until the point that there was no point for a blanket.

With two girls in each arm, a few on top, and numerous others on your legs or pressed against your arms, you fall asleep, covered and comforted by your women.

As the morning breaks, your eyes flash open. You can see your various girl’s sleeping faces, which are as often as not just as cute as their waking faces. You want to enjoy fucking each one of them one last time, but time was key now. An orgy would have to come later. Right now, was the time for action.

“It begins!”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 324

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“Savior, I’ve been waiting for this forever…” Jasmine looks up at you tearfully.

“Mm… I know… I’m sorry I left you waiting.”

Unlike the Jasmine outside, this Jasmine has had years to grow mentally and thus give proper non-statutory consent as a proper adult woman. Regardless of the size and shape of her body, she is a woman in mind and has spent 18 years until now before finally having sex for the first time in a legal, appropriate way. And… when you think about it, this is just a story, where everyone is 18 regardless of their age, that means she like double 18… or 36 is consenting years, so she’s totally legal and not at all a problem. In fact, you guys pull out a sex contract too, going over it and making sure both parties are perfectly consensual and of the appropriate age. She shows you her license showing her as an adult, you also show her yours. It’s a perfect, proper, not at all inappropriate event.

“Jasmine…” You speak, while drinking tea and sitting properly with a proper distance from Jasmine. “Would it be too forward of me, if I might kiss you?”

You glance up to see Jasmine on the bed. She’s ripped off her clothing and her cat ears are twitching with agitation as she spreads her legs, showing her consensual bare but properly aged pussy.

“Will you just fuck me already!” Jasmine cries tearfully.

“Ah, yes…” You toss the tea and the breakfast nook aside and jump on the bed.

Your lips attack Jasmine’s lips, tasting her small barely-legal but definitely totally legal lips and savoring the taste of consensual kissing.

“Mmm!” Jasmine moans happily, her tail swishing with arousal.

Your hands touch her legal body, touching her bare, pink nipples and manipulating them slightly in your fingers. Jasmine’s body spasms, the intense feel of having her body touched being something she had never enjoyed before. Already, she was panting excitedly, her eyes bright as she moaned in pleasure.

“I was sickly and dying when you rescued me. That’s why you’re my savior.” Jasmine says. “Please, after all this time, enjoy my body completely.”

“Okay!” You continue to kiss her tiny body, feeling like a giant who could smother her in a heartbeat.

Was that how Kida felt when she was together with smaller women? Jasmine felt so small and fragile under you, that you couldn’t help but treat you little pussy proper. As things grew more heated, your penis pops out and you push it against her. Jasmine’s pussy is so small and tight that you realize that it couldn’t possibly fit. You shrink your dick down to a normal sized penis, but even then, her small body which resembles that of a child but is totally legal and also consensual under every conceivable law of god and man, is too small to take it.

“It’s okay…” Jasmine looks up at your tearfully. “Please, break me open. I’m your loli. Take me.”

However, she wasn’t no loli skank like Maleficent! You were going to open and train that pussy. This was your Jasmine! You slowly push yourself in her. You can feel as her hymen tears. She gasps, clinging to you.

“Hah… hah… keep going… please… I love you, savior… don’t stop… it’s almost in.”

But in the end, you could only get about half of your dick inside of her. To push any farther would involve brutalizing her pussy, and you just aren’t into that kind of thing…. At the moment… with this girl in particular. Heck, Maleficent was gone, so now she was the only legal loli you had. It was perhaps this reason that you decided to bring her back from the future to finally taste her loli flesh.

“It’s so big… savior… I feel like I’m going to burst.” Jasmine moans, looking up at you with complete adoration and love.

“I’ll continue.” You say, starting to move your hips.

With only half of a normal cock size, you penetrate Jasmine, your dick moving in and out of her legal yet youthful body. As a catgirl, Jasmine already had naturally young looks. Adding to that her age, and she really had a small body. However, with the aid of magic, that body was 100% not a crime to enjoy! So, you enjoyed it to your fullest extent!

“Hah… Hah… savior!” Jasmine looked to be in euphoria.

Sex was just as amazing as she had hoped. After all, she had been forced to wait until she was 18 to have sex. Most of the girls had engaged in sex at 16! Living in a castle full of horny haremettes for years on end had certainly shaped Jasmine’s mind. So, even if you dick was big and it hurt, she was so horny that she couldn’t help but get off on it!”

“Ahhn! I’m going to cum! Please… savior… make me pregnant finally! All the other girls in the future have had your children! Now it’s my turn.”

“A pregnant loli, Jasmine!”  You look in shock.

“No… I’m 18, I consent, please… in me… cum in me… I want your seed in my womb. I want to have your kittens! Lots and lots of kittens!”

You exploded inside her, her womb being so small that her stomach swells and cum already bursts out of her with a single load. You end up pulling out and shooting the rest all over her naked, but also legal, pussy… which is just drenched in your seed.

“Ah… it’s inside… finally… I’m saviors.”

“Jasmine… you’ve already been mine.” You declare.

“Mm!” The two of your merge in another kiss.

Some time later, the two of you come out of the bedroom, Jasmine having received her fill of tons of sex. You don’t make it far before the identical-looking Jasmine who appears haggard jumps in front of you and stamps her foot.

“You bitch! How dare you take my Savior!” Jasmine cries, then sniffs her and gasps. “You came in her! She’s gonna get pregnant!”

The other Jasmine smiles and pats herself on the head. “I’m legal now, so naturally, it was my choice to become pregnant with savior. You’ll come to understand when you get to my age.”

“No! This isn’t fair! I won’t accept this. I won’t wait eight years to be able to finally have sex with Savior! I won’t do it!”

The other Jasmine sighs. “I know how you feel, but it’s already happened. You waited eight years, or I wouldn’t be here. It was totally worth it! Anything else would be a temporal paradox… and only Savior here has the power to create those.”

“Temporal paradox my ass!” Jasmine cries.

“You were watching that!” the other Jasmine coughs. “I mean… we certainly didn’t do anything.”

Young Jasmine lets out a cry. You give a long sigh.

“Very well. Here you go, Jasmine.” You reach out and touch young Jasmine’s forehead.

There is a flash of light. Jasmine touches her forehead in wonder.

“Wh-what did you do?”

“Hmm? Oh… I undid the spell that kept you as a loli. Now you’ll grow like normal again. I think you’ll always be a small girl, but you won’t be forever loli.

The other Jasmine turns to you. “Wait… if she’s not forever a loli, then how could I have been brought back as a loli to have sex with you? I’d have grown up! That can’t exist… isn’t that… a temporal paradox!”

You nod, “And reality should be fixing that mistake in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

“Wh-what? Savioooo-“ A second later, the other Jasmine disappears from existence.

“What happened?” Jasmine cries out, seeing her recently sexed version wink out of existence.

“Well, she belonged to a timeline that no longer exists. Since I brought her back from a reality where you were a forever loli, the second you stopped being a forever loli, her reality ceased to exist, and so did she.”

“Wh-wh-why did you do that?” Jasmine asked.

You smile, kneeling down to Jasmine. The severe look in your eyes has a tint of insanity, and your smile is slightly unnerving. Jasmine can’t look away as your grab her arms.

“It’s simple… I adhere to the code.”

“Th-th-the code?”

“Yes loli, No touch.” You say, a darkness starting to form around you. “I had a moment of weakness, where I needed to touch a loli. However, that breaks the code, so naturally, I needed to create a paradox. I got my fix, and the loli… you can’t touch what never existed in the first place.”

“S-s-s-savior?” Jasmine shook. “B-but she was legal…”

“Legal lolis are still lolis. Naturally, a price needed to be paid. For the Greater Good.”

“The Greater Good?”

“MM… the Greater Good,” You pat Jasmine on the head. “That’s why you need to grow up quick, because once you lose your loli status, I’m going to fuck your brains out!”


“Don’t worry, you’re young and don’t have to worry about such things. I’ll never touch… this version of you as a loli… the one that exists, I mean.” You let out a dark laugh and then stand up, finishing consoling her, and walking down the hallway while whistling.

When Jasmine stops shaking, she looks down and shivers. “Maybe waiting eight years isn’t such a bad idea…”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 323

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“Papa… can I have a kiss?” Anna asks innocently.

“Mm…” You respond tightly, as a little girl sitting on your lap leans up and kisses your cheek.

“I want a kiss too!” Elsa cries.

“Mm…” You respond, letting her kiss your other cheek wetly.

“What matter, papa? Usually there something hard in your pocket when we sit on lap!” Anna says.

“Elsa make it hard!” Elsa grinds her butt into your lap.

You start to sweat. There may also be tears of blood, but you don’t have a mirror to see for certain.

“Papa… we same from before, just younger, so Papa can still touch… down there…” Anna blushes.

“Elsa feels funny when Papa touches down there…” Elsa giggle.

The sweat turns into a continuous stream. Is it hot in here? It’s definitely hot in here.

“Papa, can you scratch my back, it’s itchy…” Anna innocently lifts her shirt, her now braless pale skin is facing you.

“Papa, I have an itch you can scratch…” Elsa spreads her legs, looking up at you innocently.

“Elsa’s not wearing underwear!” Anna cries, looking down at Elsa’s spread legs.

“Neither is Anna, Papa!” Elsa pouts.

“Hah hah… hee…hee… hah hah….” You practice breathing exercises.

“Papa… my pubic hair is all gone, it feels weird, quick feel!” Anna grabs your hand and tries to put it down her shorts, from which she is not wearing underwear.

“Papa, my boobs are all flat like Mulan’s, since daddy likes playing with her flat chest, touch mine!’ Elsa tries to put your other hand up her shirt.

You sit there, staring straight ahead at nothing as two five-year-old girls pull at your arms and rub themselves on you, their sudden change in age apparently has not altered their natural curiosity nor their memories about sex. Both girls are apparently still down to fuck, even if their bodies are no longer the proper dimensions to promote such a thing.

Just at this point, the door bursts open and Jasmine appears. You push the two girls out of your lap and leap towards Jasmine. At this particular point and time, she is the greater of three evils. You cling to her dress.

“Please… Jasmine, save me from this torment!” You cry.

Jasmine looks surprised at first, having just planned to inform you that dinner was ready, however, her eyes narrow as she quickly glances over the room. Seeing to scantily clad lolis, she’s quickly able to put two and two together.

“So… when Jasmine wasn’t good enough, it’s cause I wasn’t your enough for you, eh?” Jasmine crosses her arms.

“What? No… but their destructive power is too great! Comparatively, you’re a much more preferable option!”

“Papa is just being silly!” Anna sniffs.

“He already slept with us before, now we’re just more compact!”

“No! Jasmine… save me! You paw…”

“Hmph… I could save you…” Jasmine’s eyes narrow. “But it’ll cost you!”

“What, please… anything!”

“A night with me, obviously.” Jasmine laughs.


“That’s right, savior, this story is nearly over, it’s time to give the people what they want! All Loli… YES, TOUCH!”



“Fine… we’ll have sex today!”

“R-really…?” Suddenly, Jasmine started getting nervous, touching her fingers together.

In truth, while Jasmine teases you constantly, unlike the two loli’s behind her, she’s not mentally ready for sex. At this point, she only does it to tease you, so suddenly agreeing has made her quite nervous. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, it’s that she was very afraid. Now that Moana has stopped loli protection with her own baby to take care of, there is nothing in the way of the pair of you. You touch her forehead. There is a flash of light.

“Eh? What happened?” Jasmine blinks, seeing purples spots in her vision.

“I locked your appearance. Now, no longer how old you get, you’ll still look like this.” You explain.

“… You want Jasmine to always look this young?”

“Just for tonight.” You wink.

Jasmine doesn’t understand, but she can’t help but blush. Her heart racing even faster. You grab her hand. It’s so large and rough against her small hands. The other two loli girls smile at each other and wait behind. They also understand how big this moment is. It was their fault you got worked up to this point, but now that you’ve decided to do it, they wouldn’t intervene.

You bring Jasmine to the door to your room. She gulps, her entire body shaking. It’s something she’d been dreaming about for half a year now, but to dream about it or to have it finally happen are two very different things. Just as you go to open the door, your hand reaches into a rippling portal. A few seconds later, he pulls someone out.

“Eh?” Jasmine blinks and she finds herself staring at an identical girl. “Wh-what is this?”

“Hmm? I’m you!” the other Jasmine laughs, leaning forward and giving her a peck on the cheek.

Jasmine blushes, looking down, feeling strange and a bit nervous. The new Jasmine seems way more confident and adult than she does.

“Wh-what’s going on?” She finally asks.

“I’m eighteen-year-old Jasmine!” Jasmine does a pose. “Since I don’t get older, I still look like a ten-year-old girl, but I’m 100% legal!”

You give a thumbs up, “Legal loli is legal!”

“W-wait… weren’t we going to…” Jasmine starts to tear up.

“Oh, we will, as me!” Jasmine points to herself. “I’ve been waiting eight years for this chance. It’s 12:01 am on my birthday, and I intend to get some right away. I remember being you, and I’ve been waiting for him to bring me back in time forever!”

“Eh? That’s not fair! I have to wait?” Jasmine frowned.

“What are you talking about?” You shrug, pushing the other Jasmine into your room. “We’re going to have sex right now… just like you wanted…”

You shut the door in Jasmine’s face.

“W-what? That’s not fair! That’s not fair!” Jasmine can only kick and hit the door whining for so long until she starts to hear her own voice moaning from the bedroom.

After that, she crouches down at the foot of the door, growing redder by the minute.

“Eight years…” She pants, her golden eyes glowing the darkness. “Just eight years.”

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The Power of Creation – Chapter 322

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“Father, what are you doing?” Anna asks.

Your two daughters open your door and come in without asking. If it was any other person, you might have to give them some punishment, but when you look on your naturally curious daughters, you can’t bring yourself to do anything to retaliate. Instead, you give them a fond smile as they enter gesturing them over to you.

“Anna, Elsa… remember when you two girls were acting up, and daddy had to assert his dominance?” You ask, patting both girl’s heads as they each sit on one of your knees.

Both girls nod, blushing slightly.

“My pussy was sore for a week!” Anna complains.

“I could barely sit down!” Elsa adds.

“Ahem… cough… yes… that.” You move on. “Well, a certain Queen decided to take some of daddy’s things, and so daddy needs to make her understand that she can’t do that.”

“Will father be using his penis to send the message?” Elsa asks.

“Daddy will indeed!” You nod, feeling pride that your daughters are turning out so smart.

“So, why isn’t Father punishing her with his penis already?” Anna inquires.

“That’s a good question.” You smile, patting her head and causing her to smile happily. “The problem is, she had some powers and knows how to use them. Your father, as strong as he is, may not be able to control her once he starts, and he wouldn’t be very happy if the bitch stepped out of line and daddy couldn’t do nothing about it, right ladies?”

“Ah… I understand Father.”

“Me too!”

“That’s good. So, if you girls are done, let your Father think a bit more and come up with some ways to become even more awesome than he is right now. After that, after breaking her, I’ll even let you girls play with her, okay?”

The girl’s eyes brighten. “R-really! Father is so cool!”

You laugh, giving them a pat on the head, and then grope on their bottoms, sending them on their ways. As they reach the door, the two girls look at each other as if they came to some kind of agreement at the same time. Then they both turn back to you.

“Actually, father… we might have a way to make you stronger in a short period of time.” Anna says.

You raise an eyebrow. “Oh? Really? How is that?”

“Father… we were born during a time in which a great deal of energy went into thinning the barrier between realities. Our powers weren’t simply a matter of genetics, but a result of resonance with the Demon God that occurred the first time he tried to merge into our existance.”

“Look at my daughters… knowing big words like resonance and genetics.”

“Eh… point being, our power of creation contains a sliver of divinity.” Anna finishes.

“What we’re saying, father, is that if you strip us of the Power of Creation, and absorb it into your power, not only will your mastery of Power of Creation grow, but you will also gain a sliver and his godliness, putting you a step above the Demon Queen.” Elsa explains.

“You girls want to give up your powers?” You suggest in surprise.

The two girls look at each other and then look down. “We know we’ve caused a lot of trouble for our mothers and Father. Although it has been great to have all this power and energy, it’ll also be nice to be regular girls too. A lot of the harem seem to have so much fun when they can’t resist and are at Father’s mercy. We want to be at Father’s mercy too!”

“Hmm… I suppose I can take your powers, my daughters, but I don’t know what it will do…”

“It’s okay, Father, we trust you.” Anna says. “Father can do whatever he wants to us, and we’ll take it all.”

“If it’s Father, everything will be okay, I won’t cry, even if it hurts.”

You sigh, wiping a tear from your eye. “I guess, I’ve raised my little girls properly. Very well, I will absorb your powers.”

“Hehe… Father’s going to eat us out…”

“Me first, me first!”

You put out your hands, ignoring the girls as they start arguing over whose power gets to be consumed first. In reality, you don’t know how this is going to go. This is a magic at a level you’ve rarely composed. It’s the kind that sort of reshapes reality. And most importantly, it affects you! So, how could you be casual in casting it!

After compiling the spell, you begin to absorb their powers. You gasp at how smoothly it comes out of them. The girls make wimpering and moaning sounds as they hold each other, but they don’t have a single ounce of resistance. Perhaps, any other woman might fight back, even if only by instinct, but to their Father, these girls have given themselves over completely.

A light starts to cover the two girls, and you start to grow more and more powerful. You can feel a vitality and energy flowing into you. Your mind starts to grow. It’s no longer simple omnipotence, but you feel like you’re gaining a certain level of omniscience too. You feel a flood of information, as if you are connected to all the people in this world. You realize the collars you have on the girls are no longer necessary, because you can recall the state of every girl in your harem just by thinking about them. Not just in the harem, you can recall the state of everyone in the entire world!

“Papa…” A young voice suddenly breaks you out of revelry.

You look down and your mouth pops open in surprise. Anna and Elsa are now standing there holding each other, but the sexy, busty 16 yo hotties are gone. In their place are two girls about 5 years of age! You didn’t realize the spell was a transformation spell, since you’ve just turned your daughters into jailbait!

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