I’ve Been Summoned to Another World, but They Don’t Want Me, so I’m Going to Enjoy My Time in Another World and Japan With Beautiful Girls on My Side



Author: Haiiro Kouri

Kotori Daiki was suddenly summoned to another world, and although he gained a skill during the transfer, he was told by the summoners, and the King, that he was not useful in battle, so he was kicked out to live in the city until the Heroes who had been summoned to defeated the Demon lord and return home
He’s confused, but he finds relief when he gained a large sum of money through a deal with the prime minister.
That night, a young Goddess appeared before him and gave him power.
Giving him the power to gain skills like how it’s common in this world, and the power to teleport.
The power to easily enhance his skills. It’s to let him enjoy the world.
Thus, it’s not just an Isekai story.


Table of Contents

1. Summons

2. I got Funds?

3. Loli Goddess

4. Seeking an Escort

5. Auction

6. Slave Magic

7. Skill Orb

8. Slave Girl Euphilite *

9. Second day in Another World

10. Adventurer Guild

11. It’s not really confidential.

12. First Adventure smells like Blood

13. After Hunting

14. Doing as I please with this slave Girl

15. Skill Talk

16. Various Things I’m Thinking

17. Skill 3

18. Arrival and Outlook

19. The other Power *

20. Unexpected Battle

21. Skill Value

22. Decision

23. New Land