Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for Sex 

Using the Wisdom from My Isekai Reincarnation Only for Sex
Author: Ikuhito
The protagonist, “Sao” has been reborn with his memories from his past life
He’s born as a son of a rural villager, but his true identity is a reincarnated person with cheat abilities and the knowledge of the modern world.
With the class “Rod Master,” he received as he grows up, and the many skills that came up with it, he can defeat enemies, help people, and even violate women.
The main character who is reincarnated in another world only wants to have sex.
His memories and knowledge are two, including his previous life. Cheat skill from being reincarnated to another world.
He uses them to get ahead in the fantasy world where he’s a master of his craft, making love and having sex with every woman he meets.
Adventurer’s Guild, skill-granting ceremonies, fantasy schools, and even audience with the King.
He goes through the events that only a reincarnation from another world can provide, but he also has a lot of sex.
※Mostly Ero
Basically, the protagonist is just a rod and the main focus is love-making without rape.
Each of the heroines enjoys cheerful and lewd sex with the protagonist but please be warned that it might be a bit forced to get there.
Also, due to the tendency of this novel, it’ll inevitably turn to a harem story, so that’s a warning for those who don’t prefer it.

03 Deflowering my Sister

04 Transformation to a Woman

05 Mother’s job

06 Being Peerless is the best part of Reincarnation

07 Sex with Mom

08 Oyakodon

09 The path to Government Service.

10 Impregnating Sex to become Independent

11 The Young Lady’s Arrival

12 Sex Education for Young Ladies – Practice

13 Sex Education for the Young Lady – Main Course

14 Sex to deepen the Master-Servant Bond

15 Enrolling in the Royal Capital School

16. Friendly Match and Arrogant People

17 Troublesome Classmate

18 Dungeon Training

19 Five of Us

20 Loyalty in the name of Love

21 Fucking a sleeping swordswoman without permission.

22 Passing the practical Training

23 Hospitality = Sexual Entertainment

24 Four Asses Lined Up – Harem Sex

25 New Rod Master Skill

26. Guild Template

27. Bikini Armor Squad Go!

28 Perpetual sex Device

29 Sex with a Veteran adventurer, and how to see what went wrong

30 Porter Girls

31 Tyrannical hunting with the five porters

32 The Female Teacher and Male Student Affair 

33 Invitation to a Court Banquet.

34 The High Society

35 Queen’s Entrance.

36 The Rod goes to the Queen