AV App ~ Transfer to Another Dimension and have Sex with Girls you like~

AVアプリ ~異空間転移で気になるあの娘といちゃらぶセックス!~【10月14日に発売!】

Author: ブリル・バーナード (Brill Bernard)


I, Nakade Haku, accidentally tapped an ad banner while watching porn on my phone.
It forcibly installed a clearly suspicious app called [AV App] It’s an application filled with a man’s dream of being able to experience adult video situations in a different dimension, or reality similar to a love hotel.
Whether it’s massage, thigh sex, JK reflexology, Family guessing game, magic mirror, time stop, hypnosis, and others.
After exchanging the first times with beautiful women in the same department at the university in a prize game, I decided to use the app to have porn experience sex with many women.

Table of Contents:


Lv0 Virgin AV Actor

Chapter 01 AV App

Chapter 02 Prize Game

Chapter 03 ♡ With a Classmate

Chapter 04 ♡ Virgin(Doutei) and Virgin(Shoujo)

Chapter 05 ♡ Two beasts

Chapter 06 Announcing Results

Lv1~4 Novice AV Actor

Chapter 07: Mistress Contract

Chapter 08 ♡ Mistress Play Experience

Chapter 09 ♡ Effects of Perception Alteration

Chapter 10 Daily Life in the Nakade Household

Chapter 11 Rumored Relationship

Chapter 12 ♡ Second Prize Game

Chapter 13: Level Up Conditions and Fuyou’s true feelings

Chapter 14 Sudden Quest

Chapter 15 First Date

Chapter 16♡ Masturbating in Hot Tub

Chapter 17 Displeased Woman

Chapter 18 ♡ The Brown Gyaru’s Secret

Chapter 19 Flower in Both Hands

Chapter 20 ♡ After Class Lesson

Chapter 21. Bathing with my Elder Sister

Chapter 22 ♡ Horny Day

Chapter 23 Confession

Chapter 24 ♡ Stress Relief

Chapter 25 Three people

Chapter 26 ♡ Married Woman and AV watching Project

Chapter 27: Second Virginity

Chapter 28 Bedhair

Chapter 29 Attack! Brother’s Lunch!

Chapter 30 Pillaging 

Chapter 31 Brokenhearted Party